Born in West Philadelphia, Vandy “Vandy B.” Cheeseborough began singing at a young age.  During his college years, he was a member of a local singing group.  When the group dismantled in 2006, Vandy B. was faced with a tough decision. He wasn’t sure if he should give up on music altogether or move on as a solo artist. Too passionate about music to quit, Vandy B continued his singing career. During this time, Vandy B. developed not only as a singer, but as a songwriter and producer as well.
Vandy B. smooth vocals and sensual ballads help establish him as a rhythm and blues superstar. Inspired by the likes of Babyface,  Brian McKnight, and R. Kelly, Vandy B. has the talent and passion to be one of the great vocalists of his generation. Also, a well -versed songwriter, Vandy B. draws from different sources when writing.  “I try to cover all grounds.  I don’t want anyone to feel out of the loop.  I can write about how a woman felt betrayed by her man, yet on the flipside I can talk about how a man is proposing to his woman,” he reveals.
Some of Vandy B’s accomplishments to date include having his music featured on Grindhouse Ent. Presents: Welcome To The Grindhouse Vol. 1, mixtape, as well as multiple other mixtapes. Vandy now has his smash single “Act A Fool” featuring rapper Johnny Rockem on iTunes. He also has collaborated with artist such as Franchise, Robby Roc, Reece Stacks, Tina P. and Luck Williams, and California Rapstress Hypnotise Eye’s. Vandy B. is currently working on his newest mixtape entitled “Carpe Diem.” This Project can be described as being soulful and sultry.

Every once in a while a young artist comes along who has the talent, vision, passion, and creative conviction to revolutionize the game. Vandy B. is that artist. Vandy B. is amongst one of the most promising R&B acts to hit the scene.  His talent, combined with his skill and dedication places him at the forefront of contemporary urban music.