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Get To Know VANDY B – Philly’s Uprising Star

23rd January

The time has come for the re-emergence of real R&B. Look no further for an artist to help out at the forefront. Vandy B,  an artist from Philadelphia is looking to be the one. Vandy B.  has the talent,passion, and work ethic that is needed to take R&B back to its glory days.

IAA: What is your music background?
VANDY B: I’ve been singing R&B seriously for about 16 years.  Back in 2001, I joined an R&B group called “Marquee,” and we stayed together for a little less than two years.  One member left, and another stepped in.  We renamed ourselves “Vital,” and stayed together for three years.  After that breakup, I decided to do for myself.  I felt as though I could depend on no one but myself, so if I’m gonna do it, then I will do it myself.  … Read More »